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  • Our goal is to build long-term relationships while providing extraordinary hiring solutions.

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Why Choose Velocity Consulting Solutions?

Velocity provides industry knowledge, quick turnaround, individual attention and targeted sourcing strategies, all with a local focus.

A Staffing Agency for Employers

Specializing in Aerospace & Technology employment opportunities

Velocity's staffing options are customizable and designed for your individual business needs. Solving your cyclical demands for additional manpower is one of our areas of expertise. We offer contract, contract-to-hire, direct placement and managed/outsourced services.

Our founder's background in Aerospace engineering brings experience to the forefront. 

As an ECS engineer in flight testing and certification our industry knowledge flows from the top down.  It is with this experience that we have the greatest understanding of the industry's needs and trends to deliver the best solutions to our clients.  We’re a small company, focused on fast, high quality services. We can help your team find the right people for your critical open positions and also provide traditional engineering contractor services.

Our combined Development and Recruiting leadership brings high level experience to your doorstep.
Technology is changing daily, and our Business Development Manager and Recruiting Manager have a combined 35 years of experience in the staffing industry. Their expertise in the Tech field is unparalleled and they will bring that experience to your doorstep! Working with clients listed on the Fortune 500 to small private companies, they will provide customizable solutions for your growing needs. Our niche is to acquire top tier candidates for your review even that "hard to find" talent. No job is too big or too small. We have a strong network and an active pipeline.

Direct Placement

Trust us with your most difficult positions.  Our extensive industry knowledge, established relationships and recruiting/sourcing team will ensure hiring success. We’ll find people who share your vision so you can build your business.

Systems Integrations

Aerospace systems integration experts optimize performance, reliability and maintainability of complex systems.

Outsourced Solutions

US based experts deliver world class results. Minimize management costs and problems on your outsourced projects.
Support. Assurance. Experience. Partnership.

We will deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients. Our partnership approach is to is the ability to be flexible to each project, built around your vision, so together we can turn your obstacle into success. Our team is prepared to bring support, expertise and adaptability to your most critical business project.

Timing is everything, when you need qualified individuals to add to your growing needs our talented team of recruiters will quickly find the best individuals for your projects.  We work hard to adapt and support your specific needs.